Children Map the World: Commemorating the International Map Year

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This "enhanced" edition of Children Map the World, volume 4, features fascinating work by children in the 2015 competition and also includes what the editors call an "atlas" of student work from past years featuring physical, political, and thematic maps, as well as works that combine elements of map making, graphics, and related artistic expression.

Children Map the World: Commemorating the International Map Year, volume 4, presents 50 maps created by children ages 5 to 15 for the 2015 International Cartographic Association map design competition, held in Brazil. These various types of maps convey powerful messages of various emotions that reflect this competition's theme: “My Place in Today's World.” This edition also includes what the organizers call an “atlas” of 50 additional outstanding maps from previous competitions; these maps and images are featured in part two of the book. Children, parents, teachers, and map enthusiasts will delight in the work of these imaginative young cartographers. The children's representations of the world and life on it demonstrate their varied perspectives on the state of our planet, from optimism to pessimism, grandeur to light-heartedness, and beauty to sobering and sometimes frightening truths.

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ISBN 9781589484788
Book Author Name Jose Jesus, Reyes Nunez, Carla Cristina R. G. de Sena, Necla Ulugtekin, Pilar Sanchez-Ortiz Rodriguez
Page Count 140
Book Edition 1
Book Publish Date 4/7/2017
Book Format Paperback
Dimensions 10.0 in x 10.0 in x 0.6 in