Women and GIS, Volume 2: Stars of Spatial Science

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Women and GIS, Volume 2: Stars of Spatial Science features 30 inspiring stories of diverse women using geospatial technology to improve the world. These women serve as guiding stars to motivate all readers.

Like the first volume, Women and GIS: Stars of Spatial Science tells how 30 women in many different STEM fields applied themselves, overcame obstacles, and used maps, analysis, imagery, and geographic information systems (GIS) to contribute to their professions and the world. Sharing the experiences of their childhoods, the misstarts and challenges they faced, and the lessons they learned, each story is a celebration of a woman’s unique life path and of the perseverance, dedication, and hard work it takes to achieve success.

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ISBN 9781589485945
Book Author Name Esri
Page Count 274
Book Edition 1
Book Publish Date 4/21/2020
Book Format Paperback
Dimensions 8.0 in x 10.0 in x 0.7 in